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Get pumped with 10 of the best dingers from the first day of Spring Training games

The calendar may say that it's still "officially" winter, but we know that's not true. That's because Spring Training is in full swing, with Friday giving us the first Spring Training games of the year. That means there are box scores to read! Pitcher mechanics to debate! And, most importantly, dingers to watch majestically soar over the wall. 

So, with one day of games in the books, here are 10 of those grand dingers. Think of it as the most bombastic amuse bouche for the baseball season. 

No longer in Dodgers blue, but Blue Jay blue, Curtis Granderson hit the first dinger of Spring Training. This is like hitting the bell at the stock exchange: Baseball season is on.

After smashing 24 homers in just 189 at-bats last year, Matt Olson was back at it to start his 2018 season: 

Fernando Tatis Jr. is still a teenager, so should be hanging out at the mall, or, like, the arcade. (What do the teens do now?) Instead, the Padres' No. 4 prospect hit an opposite-field shot. Because the teens are the future: 

Back in a Dodgers uniform for the first time since 2014, Matt Kemp lasered a breaking ball over the left-field wall. More importantly, he did it while wearing beautiful striped socks:

That wasn't the only notable Dodgers home run, though. Logan Forsythe also crushed one. However, more importantly is the question that Alanna Rizzo asked Cody Bellinger while the ball was in flight -- just what are telephone arms? 

The biggest disappointment when it comes to Eric Stamets' homer? That his name is pronounced Stam-ets and not like "Meet Sta mets, meet Sta mets, come to the park and greet Sta mets!" 

The best home runs are the ones the outfielders don't even bother running back on. Reds prospect Brandon Dixon made sure that Indians left fielder Abraham Almonte could save his energy: 

Scott Van Slyke decided to put himself on pace for about 8,000 home runs on the year by smashing two -- including a grand slam -- on Friday:

Kevin Padlo smashed the ball. But don't take my word for it. Take the word of the guy sitting close enough to the microphone who yells "Oh, that's tagged!"

After smashing 28 home runs in a breakout season last year, Yonder Alonso tried to put any fears Indians fans may have had to rest by smashing this dinger over the right-field wall: 

Dingers, baby, dingers! It's what makes the world go round.