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Say goodbye to Prince Fielder with 10 of his most exciting, fun and hilarious moments

It wasn't supposed to end this way. With sources saying that Prince Fielder will annnounce his retirement on Wednesday afternoon following a second neck surgery, Fielder's career will end on the DL instead of with the massive dinger-turned-belly flop that we all hoped for. While there is something poetic about Fielder wrapping up his playing days with 319 home runs, the same amount as his father had, we'll be saying goodbye to one of the most exciting players in the game.

Let's not be sad that it's over, though. Let's be happy that it happened. And we'll do that with ten of the most enjoyable Prince Fielder moments.



Prince Fielder was a large man. So when he hit a home run, it felt earth-moving, mountain-shifting and sky-shattering. 

Dinger celebrations

Of course, he helped make it feel like the Earth was literally being moved off its axis by the Brewers' cannonball celebrations. 

The other celebrations


If you've ever had the misfortune of getting a sweater caught on a door frame while trying to impress a new friend or date, well, you understand the struggle

Whatever this is


Yeah, I dunno either. 

The dancing


Oh my, the dancing. If Fielder is looking for something to do with all his free time, he could reboot America's Best Dance Crew. 

The good baserunning


Try and pickoff Prince Fielder? Not gonna happen

The bad baserunning


...except when it does. 

The chaotic baserunning


His depth perception was just off. 

The walk-up music

Whether it's Mozart: 

Or just a siren, Fielder knew the importance of making a strong entrance. 

The bunt single

That's right, singular. While he never actually hit a bunt single in his big league career, he did pull it off in a Spring Training game


You know what, I'm sorry. We can't end this list on a bunt. Bring back the dingers!