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10 reasons to get excited for baseball season

The Super Bowl is over and winter is slowly (hopefully) turning into spring. That means it's almost baseball season, with some pitchers and catchers reporting in as little as three days. Here are 10 reasons to be excited.

Opener down under. The D-backs and Dodgers will commence the 2014 season in Australia with Vin Scully manning the broadcast booth. Any kangaroo sightings will be reported right here.


There will be baseball in Montreal. Nearly 10 years after its last MLB game, the Mets and Blue Jays will play a two-game exhibition series at Olympic Stadium from March 28-29:


Masahiro Tanaka pitching in New York City. His decision to sign/not sign/change his Twitter avatar took the baseball world by storm this winter. It'll be interesting to see how the 25-year-old handles the spotlight of Yankee Stadium, or if he scraps everything and auditions for "Dancing with the Stars:"


Clark the Cub? The Cubs introduced their first "modern era" mascot last month and we're curious to see what Clark will bring to the table. Mascots are fun.


Cubs, mascot

Ballpark food. Over the years, fan food options have increased beyond the typical peanuts and Cracker Jack. Try Korean barbecue at Camden Yards, visit the Waffle House at Turner Field or feast on the Pirates' sprinkled glazed-donut Brunch Burger:

Mike Trout robbing home runs. And hitting home runs, and throwing runners out, and stealing bases, and Beliebering:


Beards. Although your mom may hate them, they're a crucial component to being a successful baseball player. Just look at All-Star Brian Wilson, Jayson Werth and the 2013 World Series-winning Red Sox:

Sorry, @MikeNapoli25. It's @davidortiz's beard now:

Yasiel Puig. Because YASIEL PUIG:


More Miguel Cabrera vs. Mariano Rivera-esque at-bats. Mo may be gone, but these are the kinds of classic matchups that make baseball great: 

Fan dances. Some are smooth, some are not so smooth. But they're all wonderful, and seem to happen every

Astros fan, dance moves





What are you most excited for this season?