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13 awesome baseball moments for your offseason enjoyment

13 awesome baseball moments for your offseason

Hello. It's about to be Not Baseball Season. That is sad! But don't be too sad, because here are 13 random baseball things that you can enjoy when there's not baseball. Just make sure to spread them out until March. You don't want to watch all 13 right now, and then be without random baseball things come like December. 

It's like that study with the kids and the chocolate-flavored wafer and cream sandwich cookies. You know the one.

1. An video



Video: Joel Sherman discusses Ohtani and Boone

Video: Top Prospects: Eloy Jimenez, OF, White Sox

2. A photo


3. A GIF


4. A tweet

5. A YouTube video

6. An MiLB video

7. An Instagram

Dame un beso 💋💋

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8. A Playbuzz

9. An enlargable image


10. A rando iFrame

11. This random video from some weird website

12. Another random embed

13. And a Sporcle Quiz