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2015 Ford C. Frick Award winner, Dick Enberg, reveals that he nearly became a custodian instead

Dick Enberg nearly became a custodian

On Wednesday afternoon, Padres play-by-play man Dick Enberg was selected as the 39th winner of the Ford C. Frick Award. Presented by the National Baseball Hall of Fame, the award honors broadcasters who have made major contributions to baseball.

Even though Enberg is also known for calling football, tennis, basketball and even game shows: 

Enberg is a true baseball man. Enberg not only called the Angels games in the late-60s and '70s and broadcast national MLB games on NBC throughout the '80s, before becoming the voice of the Padres in 2009, but he's been training for this job his whole life.

After all, growing up Enberg's father would routinely test him on baseball trivia. And when he was cut from his JV college team, he was told that he merely "talked a good game."   

It almost wasn't meant to be, though. After Enberg's first baseball broadcast was canceled after just one inning, he went to apply for a custodial job at the local radio station. But when he arrived, the general manager was impressed with Enberg's voice and he was asked to read some copy. And now you know the rest of the story

As for how Enberg came up with his classic "Oh, my" home run call? That's a credit to his mother: 

Watch the entire press conference below: 

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