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A reporter interviewed Johnny Cueto's brother after Game 2 thinking he was Johnny Cueto

Reporter mistakenly interviews Johnny Cueto's brother

A few days ago, we brought you a dispatch from the frontlines of the Great MLB Clone War -- Johnny Cueto, triumphant after an ALCS victory, posing with two men he claims are his brothers but are most likely evidence of terrifying new clone technology: 

Which one is Johnny Cueto? You tell us.

And now, after the real Cueto (well, we're assuming) finished off a complete game gem in Game 2 of the World Series, we've seen Phase Two of the clone invasion. The clones are here, and they've begun impersonating our pitchers and confusing our reporters:

Rather than Royals starter Johnny Cueto, that's his brother Danillo. But this one isn't fair: Danillo's even wearing a Royals jersey! He clearly knows better:

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