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Who will take the ever-important title of Hair of the Postseason?

Why does one watch baseball? For the hair, of course. Come October, when the lights shine brightest, so too does the best-kept hair. You know, like when you watch a shampoo commercial and you think, "How in God's name is hair so darn reflective?" 

So, barring any new styles that players plan on unveiling for prime time -- or removing, like Javy Baez who shaved off his braids -- here are our contenders: 

Jose Ramirez

Ramirez won this award last year (though there was no official vote -- everyone just kind of knew), and it appears that he's set on collecting again. This was what the breakout slugger tweeted after the Indians clinched the NL Central: 

Getting my hair ready for the party tomorrow 🎉 #2017ALCentralChamps

- Jose Ramirez (@MrLapara) September 17, 2017

Anthony Rendon

Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian and Catalan are considered the major "Romance languages." That needs to be amended to include Rendon's hair. 


Adalberto Mejia

When Carlos Beltran dyed his beard during the World Baseball Classic, it kicked off the great facial hair dying of 2017. Mejia's is particularly enjoyable, given that he dyed the small tuft of hair below his chin. Even better: It's a completely separate shade of blonde from his hair. 


Mike Clevinger


Clevinger may have been sent to the bullpen for the postseason, but that's okay. It gives him more time to rehearse with his Deep Purple cover band, Peep Durple. 

Justin Turner


Did you know that if you flip Turner's head hair and beard hair, you unlock the secrets of the universe? 

Hanley Ramirez


Ramirez's hair is so strong, he could simply forget the bat at the plate and just whip his glorious braids. 

Yuli Gurriel


There are two things that can defy gravity: NASA rockets and Gurriel's otherworldly locks.