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#30Fieldsin30Days: AT&T Park

What's more perfect than a day at the ballpark? 30 perfect days at 30 ballparks. 30 Fields in 30 Days is here to show off the can't-miss spots at each and every Major League stadium. Join us, then plan out an unforgettable day at your favorite park.

There may be no more spectacular setting for baseball than the San Francisco Giants' home park. Situated on the edge of San Francisco Bay, AT&T Park drops baseball into a picturesque portrait that already features the sea and the setting sun.

Opened in 2000, the park quickly found itself as a character in baseball history, adding a splashy exclamation point to both historic home run chases and several Fall Classics.

-McCovey Cove: Your boat can be your seat at a Giants game. McCovey Cove - the section of the bay colloquially named after Giants legend Willie McCovey - is a festive scene, as home run hawks and relaxation-minded boaters enjoy the game from the water.

-Bullpens: Though built in the 21st century, the park offers a throwback to days of old. The bullpens, walled off and covered in most parks, are simply strips of foul territory at AT&T Park.