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#30Fieldsin30Days: Kauffman Stadium

What's more perfect than a day at the ballpark? 30 perfect days at 30 ballparks. 30 Fields in 30 Days is here to show off the can't-miss spots at each and every Major League stadium. Join us, then plan out an unforgettable day at your favorite park.

What does your Platonic ideal of a park look like? Does it feature spacious grassy areas? Room to grill out? Maybe, just maybe, a gigantic fountain display?

Kansas City's Kauffman Stadium has all of that, plus, you know, baseball.

One of the few baseball-only stadiums constructed in an era of multipurpose concrete giants, The K is built to enjoy each and every beautiful summer night.

- The fountains: Believe it or not, the 322-foot-wide water display beyond the outfield walls is the world's largest privately funded fountain. The K's most instantly recognizable feature is an appropriate tribute to the Royals' hometown, which is nicknamed the City of Fountains.

- Tailgating: Game day never starts at game time for Kansas City sports fans. Whether they're at The K or across the way supporting the Chiefs of the NFL, Royals fans ramp up for the game with a good tailgate and all the delicious grilled food that goes with it.