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5 exciting things Curtis Granderson brings to the Mets

Curtis Granderson, a Yankee for the past four years, was signed by the Mets to a four-year deal on Friday. Along with a winning smile, here are a few other exciting things fans should expect from the Grandyman at Citi Field:

Home runs: He hit 41 in 2011, 43 in 2012 and holds a 162-game average of 30 long balls. This makes pitchers very angry:


Flavored Ices: He likes them -- generally after home runs, but any time works:

Grandyman, ice

Great defense: His speed isn't limited to the offensive side of the ball (122 career steals), as you can see here:

Grandyman D

Sumo: If a game ever needs to be settled via this Japanese wrestling form, Curtis has the Mets covered:

Curtis sumo

New York toughness: While some players struggle under the media and fan pressure in New York City, Granderson has shown he can thrive. In pinstripes, the center fielder tallied two 40+ home run seasons, led the AL in RBIs/runs in 2011 and made two All-Star teams: