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6 great things Rangers fans should expect from Prince Fielder

Prince Fielder was traded to the Rangers for Ian Kinsler in a blockbuster deal on Wednesday night. And while there are oh, so many Prince-ly things the first baseman has done over his nine-year career, here are six that Texas fans should keep an eye out for:

6. Come Opening Day, there might be two Princes (no, not Two Princes) at the ballpark:

5. In the field, he will hustle for foul balls, and eat your nachos:


4. When Prince comes up to bat, be prepared for some Mozart:


Prince, Mozart


3. Then don't be surprised if he proceeds to leg out a three-bagger:

Prince Fielder

Prince Fielder

2. And finish it off with a straight slide, or a belly-flop:

Remember when Prince Fielder belly-flopped into third base last night?

1. But sometimes, Fielder will skip all that and just do this:

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