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600 Chris Denorfia bobbleheads were left on a doorstep and nobody knows why

600 Chris Denorfia bobbleheads left at random house

Whoever told you that miracles don't happen, that prayers aren't answered, that dreams don't come true (ooo-bip-bee-bop-bip-bee-do), show them the below video. In the middle of the night, out of nowhere, a beautiful gift appeared on some local San Diegans' doorstep. And by gift, I mean gifts. And by gifts, I mean 600 gifts. And by 600 gifts, I mean 600 Chris Denorfia bobbleheads:

After first, and quite admirably, calling the police to see if somebody had misplaced their 600 Chris Denorfia bobbleheads, the residents have since embraced the winter miracle. They've built their dog a playhouse with the figurines and plan on giving them out as holiday presents -- spreading the good word of Chris Denorfia. Because even though he's on the Cubs and hasn't played for the Padres since 2013, the legend of the right fielder/left fielder/center fielder/designated hitter/53-mph throwing pitcher must be known. 

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