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98 Degrees took in the Red Sox game and gave their place in the Boy Band power rankings

The late-1990s were full of Boy Band hysteria. You had the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, O-Town, 98 Degrees, Westlife, BBMak, LFO and probably millions of others. And during the Red Sox's 16-2 win over the D-backs on Sunday, 98 Degrees -- performing just across the street at The House of Blues -- were in attendance. Along with doing play-by-play for an Andrew Benintendi at-bat, lead singer Nick Lachey, a homegrown Reds fan, gave his thoughts on where his band stood in the Boy Band power rankings: "We didn't necessarily win the division, but we were a strong Wild Card contender."

Very modest, Nick. We would say that it's hard to compete with NSYNC or Backstreet near the top of the division, so those two might get the crown and first Wild Card. So yes, maybe the second Wild Card for 98 Degrees. But what about the rest? What about B2K? WHAT ABOUT LFO? Go drive around and blast this summer jam and you'll never do anything cooler in your entire life: