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A rogue bird boldly took a stroll around the pitcher's mound at Fenway Park

Birds tend to have an idea when baseball games are drawing to a close, and they often flock to the stadium in anticipation of a free buffet of any hot dog crumbs, nacho remnants and stray popcorn kernels that may be left behind. 

In the Red Sox's 16-2 win over the D-backs at Fenway Park on Sunday, one brave little bird showed up a bit too early and plopped down behind the mound in the bottom of the eighth. Seemingly unafraid of the dangers of being in the middle of a baseball diamond, the bird actually took some steps toward Arizona reliever Jake Barrett while enjoying its day in the sun: 


This wasn't quite as intimidating as when seagulls descend upon AT&T Park and make it their home, but it's another example of birds doing what birds want, when birds want. We all just have to adjust accordingly.