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A Giants balldude took a foul ball to a pretty, ahem, sensitive area

A Giants balldude took a foul ball for the team.

Last week, Giants balldude Mark Madden became the stuff of balldude legend, casually snagging line drives, doling out souvenirs and generally elevating the act of balldude-ing to an art form. 

But the Balldude Gods did not look kindly upon such hubris, and they exacted their revenge on the entire San Francisco balldude community during Sunday's D-backs-Giants game:

SF Balldude Ouch

Here's to you, Giants balldude, for standing tall in the face of certain danger. You could have easily gotten the heck out of there, letting the ball carom into fair territory while holding everything up. Instead, you gave yourself up, come what may, and a little kid even got a baseball out of it.

While you go get a much-deserved ice pack, just remember: Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever.