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A KBO pitcher threw a pitch so wild all the catcher could do was sit back and watch

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) is best known for bat flips and producing the international sensation that is Eric Thames, but I bet you didn't know it has the home of the world's wildest pitches.

In a game between the Kia Tigers and the NC Dinos, the Tigers pitcher, Hyo-Joon Ko, unleashed a pitch that quickly left the view of the broadcast camera.

For a pitch recorded at 108 kilometers per hour -- roughly 67 miles per hour -- that pitch sure got up quick.

Fortunately, there are other angles available of The Wildest Pitch of All Time, including this slow-motion rendering of its entire path from the pitcher's hand to the heavens.

Quickly recognizing the situation at hand was entirely out of his control, the Tigers catcher did all he could do: Look to the sky and gaze at the wonder that was this pitch.