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A Marlins bullpen catcher showed that sharing is caring with a neat hat catch

The bullpen catcher performs a thankless job. Nearly every night, he lends his catching abilities to help teammates warm-up to enter a baseball game, yet he never sees the field himself. He's a footnote in the media guide. At some point, that constant lending of oneself for the benefit of others becomes second-nature.

That habitual generosity was on display in the ninth inning of the Marlins' 11-9 win against the Athletics Tuesday night. On a foul ball from A's second baseman Jed Lowrie, the bullpen catcher showed off his glove skills ... only not with his glove.


His first reaction upon the ball hitting the hat was to flip it to his fellow bullpen catcher. Though the flip wasn't quite successful -- the ball remained in the lap of the flipper -- the instinctive generosity on display is something we should all strive for.