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After another BP show, Aaron Judge hit a massive opposite-field homer to the second deck

Aaron Judge had already demonstrated the extent of his power in an earlier batting-practice session at Rogers Centre, but he was back at it again prior to the Yankees' 7-5 loss to the Blue Jays on Friday night.

This time, he took his show all the way to the Flight Deck in dead center field, just shy of the scoreboard.

Judge even added another fifth-deck shot for good measure.

Plenty of players can go deep in batting practice, though, and Judge made sure to remind the Blue Jays why he leads the Major Leagues in homers during actual gameplay. So in the sixth, he displayed another dimension with a swing to highlight his opposite-field power.

The two-run homer went to the second deck in the right-center field stands, a good 403 feet away.

It's just bizarre to see that kind of pop going to the opposite field, but Judge is obviously no ordinary ballplayer.

The big man now has 18 homers on the season. Clearly, Judge is wasting no time in preparing a case for his third straight Rookie of the Month honor.

All rise.