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Not even the Marlins Park roof was safe from Aaron Judge's BP power

Aaron Judge dominated the T-Mobile Home Run Derby on Thursday -- hitting 3.9 miles worth of home runs. It's not a shocker. He can hit the ball unbelievable distances and he leads the Majors in homers at the All-Star break with 30. 

During batting practice for the Home Run Derby, Judge made an decisive opening statement by thumping a pitch into seemingly impossible territory -- the very top of Marlins Park:

Yes, Judge homered off the roof, the apex of which sits 216 feet above second base according to's Joe Frisaro. Unsurprisingly, it had never been done before.

Per Statcast, Judge's blast was launched off the bat at a speed of 116 mph and had a projected distance of 463 feet. Reaching the roof, though? That required a remarkable 41-degree launch angle. And then, of course, he did it during the Derby as well:

That's the kind of jaw-dropping power that would make fellow New York baseball icon and 1986 Home Run Derby co-winner Darryl Strawberry proud.