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Update: Adam Jones to wear Tom Brady jersey, donate to David Ortiz's charity after losing NFL bet

Adam Jones can't get enough of those sweet Ravens victories. After winning a bet against Andrew McCutchen last weekend, the Baltimore center fielder went looking for a Bostonian to take him on in the matter of Saturday's Ravens-Patriots game. He tried Big Papi:

And Dustin Pedroia:

He would have taken anybody:

Let's be honest, he had a liiiiitle bit of a preference:

Even though Pedroia was willing to play ball: 

Papi thought he might have the advantage: 

No matter what, Jones would still be cheering for Baltimore (even if they're not always cheering back): 

UPDATE: Eventually Papi and Jones arrived at an agreement:

But the stakes were a little bit higher than in the past: 

UPDATE 2: Following the Patriots' thrilling 35-31 victory over the Ravens, Ortiz was quick to remind Jones of his obligations: 

And to Jones' credit, he wasn't afraid to own up to his end of the bet. Not only will he be donning a Tom Brady jersey, but he'll also be donating $5,000 to David Ortiz's Children's Fund.