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Adam Jones nearly pied a teammate postgame ... until he realized it was Buck Showalter

Adam Jones thinks twice about pranking Showalter

The delicate art of the postgame pie has become an enduring tradition, and Adam Jones is one of its most skilled and enthusiastic practitioners. He's capable of hitting anyone with baked goods at any time while grinning like a five-year-old who just found a hidden cookie jar. 

So, when he saw a postgame interview being conducted after the O's win over the White Sox on Wednesday, he could hardly contain his excitement. Until he saw who exactly was wearing the headset, and was forced to confront the face of a thousand unamused fathers:

Showalter Pie>

Not that Buck is entirely uninterested in pie, though. After being alerted to the coming danger by the O's announcing team, he calmly wondered what flavor it was, and whether it might want to end up on his desk soon. Pretty sure that stare will get him all the dessert he could ever want. 

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