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Wainwright dreamt Beltran went to the World Series ... as a Yankee. UPDATE: It came true (the Yankee part, anyway)

UPDATE, 12/7: Less than two months after Wainwright had his dream of Beltran in pinstripes, multiple reports on Friday indicated that it's going to come true. You'll have to check back a little later to see if the World Series part is for real too.

ORIGINAL, 10/22: After 16 seasons, Carlos Beltran will finally be playing in his first World Series as a member of the Cardinals. But during a press conference on Tuesday, Adam Wainwright told about an earlier dream that predicted otherwise:

"We lost and we didn't get to the World Series. We weren't the team to get him there and he ended up signing with the Yankees the next year. And the Yankees took him to the World Series."

Nothing against the Yankees, though -- right, Adam?

"No disrespect to any Yankees in the world. I know what the media can do."

 What do they do? Is this what they do? Yeah, I'm probably doing it.