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Let's watch three fans do battle over an Addison Russell homer that landed in a trash can

These are high times in the art of hitting baseballs into trash cans. Freddy Galvis hit a ball that hopped into the bullpen garbage. Just a week later, Taylor Featherston went into the dugout bin on the fly. During the Cubs' 11-4 loss to the Rockies on Sunday, though, Addison Russell outdid them all -- he reached the left-field trash can with a home run:


Improbable? Yes. Impressive? Definitely. A little gross? Absolutely. But if baseball history has taught us anything, it's that a souvenir is still a souvenir, even when it's covered in stadium garbage. Just ask these three gentlemen:


It's unclear which gladiator took home the ball, but we do know that the trash can lid did not survive.