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An adorable kid received a Kris Bryant Topps sticker and became the happiest human on Earth

Having a rough week? Is your boss making you work a full day Friday before July Fourth? Do you need some happiness in your life? Please, look no further than this young baseball fan receiving a Kris Bryant Topps sticker and being reduced to a blubbering, adorable, joyous mess:


The excited "That's the one!" at the beginning, the high-five, the pounding on the table -- it's all wonderful.

As you can gather from the tweet, the boy's name is Eli. We caught up with his dad, Louie Hillenmeyer, to get some background on the four-year-old's big moment. Regarding the Bryant fandom:

He became a Kris Bryant fan when his mom brought him a Bryant uniform T-shirt home from Chicago last fall and it's been his favorite shirt ever since and Bryant has been his favorite player. He looks through his sticker book continuously and memorizes all the players he has. He had gone through many packs waiting for, and wanting, the Kris Bryant sticker before he finally got it.

And on his passion for sports in general:

He loves sports: playing, watching and reading about them. Most of the day he's doing one of those. When we play baseball he'll pause the game a write players name and jersey number on his back and then do the same to me. Most of all he brings that kind of joy to everything he does.

We also enjoyed the part at the end when he seems embarrassed that he was caught tearing up on camera. Don't worry, little guy -- with his majestic home run swings and Hollywood-ready smile, the Cubs third baseman does that to all of us.