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Adrian Beltre dances to all your favorite jams with massive, knee-on-the-ground homer

Adrian Beltre is many things:

He's a slugger, with 396 career home runs to his name. 

He's a smooth defender, collecting four Gold Gloves in his career.

And he's a lover of his fellow man. Most of the time, that is:


What you may not have realized is that he's also a fabulous dancer. As the Oakland broadcasters discussed Beltre's tendency to take a knee while swinging, Beltre's psychic powers perked up (Oh yeah? Did I forget to mention that he' also psychic?) and he blasted a home run ... all while spinning like a top:

Home run

Even better, just like the dancing hamsters, Beltre's swing is great when set to music. Just fire up some of your dance favorites and watch him go. 

Like "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)"

Beltre sping

"Twist and Shout"

Beltre sping

And, of course, The Spin Doctors' "Two Princes"

Beltre sping

Now the only thing to do is cross our fingers, spin to the floor and hope the Rangers release the wacky spinning leg Beltre bobblehead.