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After a long inning, Brewers' Luis Jimenez either forgets the number of outs or predicts the future

The bottom of the first inning in Sunday's Rangers-Brewers Spring Training game was long -- 10 batters, two mound visits and a pitching change long. It was so long that Brewers' first baseman Luis Jimenez appeared to forget the number of outs there were. Or he was just predicting the future. 


When Rougned Odor -- the ninth batter for the Rangers that inning -- grounded out to second baseman Scooter Gennett, it was just the second out of the inning. But after catching Gennett's throw and making the out, Jimenez trotted away from first as if the inning was over, only to realize halfway to the pitcher's mound that his teammates were not joining him. Because the inning had not yet ended.

But Jimenez did not have to wait long. The very next batter flied out to left field, and the inning was over. Maybe Jimenez didn't forget the number of outs and was actually predicting the future. He knew the third out was imminent, but no one believed him. Perhaps it was a classic case of Cassandra's curse