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After chasing a foul ball near the Cubs bullpen, Melky Cabrera decided to sit down and have a chat

When you're a visiting left fielder playing at Wrigley Field, the Cubs bullpen -- of the throwback on-the-field variety -- is nearly within earshot. You want to go over there and say hi to the guys sitting on the bench and they probably want to say hi to you. But it's awkward. You're not on the same team and you're trying to play a baseball game.

In the eighth inning of the Cubs' 3-1 win over the White Sox, Melky Cabrera saw his chance. After racing over to try to catch a Tommy La Stella foul ball, he grabbed a quick seat in between the Cubs relievers:

Did he make a "Got Melk" joke? Was he discussing the stock market? Was he wondering why Katy Perry didn't perform that song with Juicy J at the DNC? The world may never know.