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In a media scrum with Michael Conforto, AJ Ramos grabbed a mic and asked some tough questions

The media scrum. It's the time for various reporters, TV crews and media members to ask their most burning questions of baseball players, either before or after a game. Normally a serious affair during the regular season, things can get a bit more relaxed during Spring Training -- which they definitely did on Tuesday at the Mets' Spring Training facility. 

As the gathered media conducted their chat with outfielder Michael Conforto, who's working his way back from offseason shoulder surgery, his teammate AJ Ramos picked up a microphone (and a bag of sunflower seeds) and put on his best media impersonations by asking Conforto some really tough questions: 

We have to hand it to Ramos for the commitment to the bit, and also his solid deadpan delivery. This is a man who knows what he's doing behind the mic. As for Conforto, he handled this unexpected challenge like a pro.