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Slickness, thy name is Alen Hanson's no-look behind-the-back flip on a grounder up the middle

For many players, Spring Training is a fantastic (and crucial) opportunity to prove you belong.

How better to prove you belong, or to suggest you're worthy of a longer look, than with a slick defensive play?

24-year-old Alen Hanson appeared in 27 games for the Pirates after being called up in September last season, and is with the club this spring. In the second inning of Saturday's game with the Orioles, Paul Janish cracked a grounder up the middle -- but there was Hanson, gliding over from shortstop, scooping up the ball and tossing it back across his body (while facing the outfield, mind you) to a waiting Adam Frazier for the force:


Chances for greatness like that disappear in an MMMBop, so kudos to Hanson for the stellar effort.