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Alex Rios arrived 6 1/2 hours early to the longest doubleheader in MLB history

It was a long day at U.S. Cellular Field on Friday. The Indians-White Sox straight doubleheader featured 46 runs and lasted a combined 7 hours and 53 minutes -- a new MLB record for two nine-inning games in one day.

It was an even longer day for White Sox pitchers, who allowed 28 runs after ceding just 27 in their previous seven home games. But it was the longest day for Chicago outfielder Alex Rios. Rios arrived to the ballpark six-and-a-half hours before the first game. Now, that's a go-getter.

But it wasn't intentional. Rios thought the first game started at 1 pm. Unlucky for him, it was a 4:10 start.  

--Evan Vladem / Real-Time Correspondent