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Alex Rodriguez's Flashback Friday photo was -- wait for it -- Little League A-Rod

Photo via Alex Rodriguez on Instagram.

Alex Rodriguez is 40 years old. He's played 21 seasons in MLB -- 2,719 games, almost 12,000 plate appearances. He made his Major League debut before some of his fellow players were even born. It's been a long time, in other words, since this:


And yet, believe it or not, A-Rod has not been a Major Leaguer forever. Sure, it might be hard to imagine a young A-Rod, growing up in Miami and playing Little League. But there really was a time before the hype, before he was National High School Player of the Year and the No. 1 overall pick in the 1993 MLB Draft.



A photo posted by Alex Rodriguez (@arod) on

Little League A-Rod, as presented by to MLB A-Rod's Flashback Friday Instagram. Nice hybrid Marlins-Phillies uniform, too.