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Alex Rodriguez repped his hometown of Miami as College Gameday's celebrity picker

ESPN's College Gameday headed down to South Beach on Saturday morning, in anticipation of the University of Miami's showdown with Notre Dame later tonight. In keeping with tradition, Lee Corso and the gang invited a celebrity guest to join them on set and make some picks at the end of the show -- and who better to represent the U than Miami native and Turnover Chain Aficionado Alex Rodriguez:

Rodriguez was up bright and early to catch a flight, and he was already in the spirit of things:

And when it came time to pick the game of the day, you know he was all about the U:

Corso, however, was not:

Of course, with a baseball program as prestigious as Miami's, A-Rod was hardly the only famous friend to stop by:

So will it be Miami or Notre Dame? Rodriguez or Corso? We'll have to wait and see, but A-Rod's been a good luck charm in the past.