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Alexei Ramirez pulled off a deke so convincing it tricked the Padres' TV crew

Baseball has many nuances, but one of its most amusing is the well-crafted deke. Pulling one off with guile and confidence can sometimes confuse an opposing baserunner, while other times even the broadcast crew can be caught off-guard. 

Tuesday's game between the Padres and Blue Jays at Rogers Centre was a marathon contest eventually won by the Jays, 7-6, though San Diego shortstop Alexei Ramirez did a good job throwing off the FOX Sports San Diego announcers with this effort in the final frame. Coming up just short in pursuit of Russell Martin's foul down the left-field line, Ramirez caught the ball off the bounce and seamlessly sold it as a catch:


While the umpires knew better, it was harder to realize the fakery being attempted on the field way up in the TV booth ... as you can tell by watching the clip atop this post. 

Good job, good effort, Alexei.