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Catch up on all the greatest moments from All-Star Week

Sadly, there's no baseball on Thursday, but don't worry -- games return on Friday. And there is a silver lining to this particular cloud. Now you have time to catch up on everything you missed from All-Star Week in Miami! It was jam-packed with exciting moments, like …

Jose Altuve posing with Aaron Judge     

Judge is 6-foot-7. Altuve is 5-foot-6. Here's what it looks like when they stand next to each other:


Luckily, Altuve got a bit of a boost during BP at the ASG:


Judgement Day comes to the Home Run Derby

Of course, we can't talk about Judge without bringing up his dominant performance in the T-Mobile Home Run Derby. He hit 47 total home runs (nearly four miles-worth), and managed to defeat Justin Bour in the first round, despite the Marlins' man-mountain hitting 22 dingers.

Fans who got souvenirs

There were plenty of opportunities to snag a souvenir at the Home Run Derby, and fans did not disappoint. That includes 76ers sensation Joel Embiid.

The exciting photo opportunities

Sometimes the best souvenirs are memories, and Nelson Cruz decided to capture one on film when he had Yadier Molina take a photo of him with Joe West at home plate:


The hair flips

It wasn't just Bryce Harper showing off his magnificent coiffure. No, even Molina got into the hottest new trend in baseball:


The fashion-forward Red Carpet

You may have noticed that Molina was also sporting some extremely noticeable catcher's gear. But he wasn't the only person serving looks. Just check out Francisco Lindor's outfit:


And Miami Bryce:

white suit

A special cameo from Terry Francona

Of course, the best-dressed person at All-Star Week might have been Tito: