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All the forest animals are out in Cleveland

Squirrel and bunny invade Progressive Field

The Athletics are in Cleveland this weekend, which means that the Indians were preparing to face Scott Kazmir and Athletics fans were bracing for the cold reality of baseball without Wham!'s "Careless Whisper." It also means that the Progressive Field squirrel is looking to hone in on the action, again.

Late last month, a squirrel invaded play between the Tribe and the Royals, with Nick Swisher attempting to coax the fella into his glove when play was disrupted in the infield.

Cleveland Squirrel

This time around, Cleveland's furry friend made its dramatic appearance in the third frame, running around the outfield much to the delight of everyone with eyes. 

Progressive Field Squirrel

And he wasn't alone at Progressive Field on Saturday as spring has sprung and all of the forest animals are frolicking about. 

Pink Bunny Cleveland

Christmas Story Bunny

Donnie Darko

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