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An honorary Reds batboy asked Todd Frazier to hit a home run Thursday, and Frazier obliged

Teddy Kramer, a 30-year-old with Down Syndrome, is a huge Reds fan. He served as an honorary batboy for Cincinnati last season, and his undying optimism and cheerful demeanor were so infectious that Reds asked him to fill the role again Thursday.

In the bottom of the sixth inning at Great American Ball Park, Kramer asked Reds third baseman Todd Frazier to hit a home run for him. Frazier happily delivered, smashing John Maine's 0-1 pitch deep to center.

It was hard to tell who was happier about the homer, as both Frazier and Kramer celebrated with gusto in the dugout. Just in case you need a reminder, this is what sheer, unadulterated happiness looks like: two people reveling in each other's success.

-- Dakota Gardner /

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