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An umpire called balls and strikes from the mound Tuesday and, no, it wasn't a historical reenactment game

Home-plate umpire Seth Buckminster was struck on the hand when an errant pitch deflected off Albert Pujols  during the first inning of Tuesday's Angels-Brewers Spring Training game. Buckminster left the game, base ump Anthony Johnson went to change into his behind-the-plate gear and a sight from an earlier age developed in the meantime.

For the next three batters, Tim McClelland called balls and strikes from behind the pitcher's mound. Back in the 1800s, before protective gear of any sort (and also when one umpire was usually responsible for both balls and strikes and calls at every base), such positioning was a common sight -- as you can see in this photo from a reenactment league. But in our day and age, it isn't something you see ... well ... ever.

Had this occurred in a regular season game, the contest surely would have been suspended until the new home-plate ump was suited up. So you can thank Spring Training for this brief, bizarre, wonderful trip into history.

-- Dan Wohl /