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And now, Jean Segura with some of the most bizarre baserunning you've ever seen

During the eighth inning of Friday night's Brewers-Cubs game, Jean Segura displayed some baserunning that was rather ... unconventional.

Attempting to steal third but caught in a rundown, the shortstop returned to second only to find Ryan Braun, who had stolen second on the same play. Luis Valbuena tagged both of them, resulting in Braun, being the runner who didn't "own" the base originally, getting called out. At this point the play was already unusual and required some deep digging into the rulebook to understand. But what followed from Segura was even stranger.

He could have simply stayed at second. But instead, he retreated ... to first. Maybe he thought he was out and then rushed to the nearest bag when he realized he wasn't. Maybe he knew Braun was out and thought he could potentially be called out as well if he didn't get to another base, even if it was a step back. Either way, it was still one of the weirder sights you're likely to see for a while.

And to add insult to injury, Segura later attempted to get back to second base by stealing it ... and was thrown out. Ouch.

-- Dan Wohl /

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