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Andrelton Simmons even makes defensive gems when a batter doesn't hit the ball

The way Andrelton Simmons plays defense -- gliding across the field to make diving, acrobatic plays on balls that no other mortal could make -- is not only proof of the existence of human beauty, it surely points to a sixth as-of-yet-undiscovered sense. After all, no mortal with only sight smell, touch, taste and hearing could make plays like this

No, that requires something more. An innate sense of the subtle quantum shifts in the universe when a baseball is in flight, or, perhaps like umami, it's an odd taste on the back of the throat that Simmons experiences when baseball heaven is about to happen. 
He can't even stop himself when it's simply a throw to second base. When Norichika Aoki stole second in the bottom of the eighth of the Mariners' 6-4 win over the Angels on Friday, Halos catcher Jett Bandy nearly threw the ball away. Fortunately, swooping in like a bird of prey who echolocates on baseballs, Simmons made the diving grab. 

Perhaps one day scientists will isolate the Simmons gene and we'll all be able to play baseball like this. Until then, we'll just have to settle for the highlights.