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Andrew McCutchen uses Styx to channel his inner 'Renegade' and creepily cheer on the Steelers

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin once joked that he thought that Andrew McCutchen might actually be able to return punts for the black and gold.

While Cutch hasn't yet suited up on the gridiron and tried his hand at the craft, he has made a point of showing the Stillers some love like only a burgeoning Yinzer knows how. He's rocked his own Steelers jersey, he's made a friendly bet against Adam Jones over a Ravens-Steelers game, he's hung out with Lynn Swann (and Jerome Bettis), and now he's used Styx to channel his inner renegade.

On Sunday -- just hours before the Steelers visited the AFC West champion Denver Broncos in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs -- Cutch took to Twitter to support the Steelers with a stern but creepy message: