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Andrew McCutchen's favorite sandwich has one deliciously weird ingredient

If you're like me, you have always wondered what type of sandwich is Andrew McCutchen's favorite. A player with such impeccable taste in fashion and teammate shenanigans surely has excellent sandwich preferences as well, right?

Thanks to The Players' Tribune, we finally have our answer. The former MVP's preferred choice of meat and/or cheese and/or toppings enclosed in bread is: "Egg, bacon, American cheese and strawberry jam."

Ah yes, who doesn't love a good bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwi-- wait a minute. Did he say jam?


Hm. I've never thought about putting jam on a breakfast sandwich. But now that Cutch mentions it, that does sound weirdly delicious, a perfect combination of savory and sweet. He is right, too: Strawberry jam is the best flavor of jam.

And at least he didn't say "hot dog."

Check out the rest of the fill-in-the-blank interview for more of McCutchen's opinions on music, international athletes and children's cartoons.