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Angels announcer Jose Mota lunges to snag a foul ball, saves the booth from sure destruction

Announcer snags foul ball to save his colleague

Perched all the way up above home plate, you'd assume that announcers were generally in a pretty safe spot. Well luckily for everyone, you weren't in the booth during the Angels' loss to the Mariners on Wednesday night. Anaheim's Spanish-language commentator Jose Mota was, and he isn't nearly so naive. 

Mota comes prepared for any and every occupational hazard, and when a foul ball was bearing down on colleague Amaury Pi-Gonzalez, he knew just what to do:

Mota grab

We're not entirely clear on why Mota would even bring his glove to the stadium (secret indoor softball league, maybe?), but judging by the completely deadpan reaction, this is clearly a scenario he's run through before. Maybe he's some sort of Tom Joad avenging angel -- wherever there's a foul ball gone astray, he'll be there; wherever there's a play-by-play man cowering in fear, he'll be there.

He may not be the announcer we need right now, but he's the announcer we deserve. 

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