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Angels fan goes from being terrified of foul ball to stealthily grabbing it out of a scrum

You might think "immediately lunge like a madman in its general direction" or "just use the nearest available concession" would be the most prudent strategy for coming away with a foul ball. But you clearly haven't put as much thought into it as this Angels fan, who transformed the souvenir scrum from a game of checkers among first graders into ruthless three-dimensional chess.

Sure, she initially cowers in fear as a foul ball lands in the row in front of her, content to preserve her own safety as some fans fought it out amongst themselves. Little did they know, she was just playing the long game, and the baseball would be hers before anyone knew what hit them:

Angels fan foul ball

The celebration dance, while everyone is still looking for the ball, is just a perfect twist of the knife -- so innocently joyous, so far removed from that cruel game of foul ball rope-a-dope.

You know what they say: The greatest trick the foul ball grabber ever pulled was convincing the world she didn't exist