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Mike Trout made sure to watch every Albert Pujols at-bat, just in case he hit his 600th home run

After Angels first baseman Albert Pujols hit his 599th career home run Tuesday, he entered Wednesday's 2-1 win over the Braves looking to become the ninth player of all time to hit 600 home runs.

Despite undergoing surgery earlier in the day to repair the injury to his thumb, Angels center fielder and two-time American League MVP Mike Trout didn't want to miss an opportunity to witness history. He didn't maintain a presence in the team dugout for the entire game Wednesday night, but he didn't miss a single Pujols plate appearance, including his final trip to the plate in the eighth inning.


Unfortunately, Trout did not get to see Pujols join the 600 home run club Wednesday as the slugger went 1-for-4 without a home run in the game.

The Angels host the Twins for four games beginning Thursday night before hitting the road to face the Tigers and Astros next week, so Pujols -- and Trout -- will have a few more chances at least.