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Anthony DeSclafani does not belong to laws of physics, has glove and bat fly out of his hands

DeSclafani has glove and bat fly out of his hands

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Earth's gravitational field turned off for just a moment? If the laws of physics ceased operations for the smallest of seconds?

Well, you're in luck. All you needed to do was watch Reds pitcher Anthony DeSclafani's start against the Cubs on Tuesday night when his baseballing accessories simply wouldn't remain attached to his hands.

In the fifth inning, DeSclafani tried to field a comebacker from Starlin Castro with a nifty behind-the-back low-five. Instead, Desclafani lost his glove, though he was able to track down the ball and still get the out. 


Said the pitcher after the game: 

"That's just all reaction. I'm just lucky the ball hit the glove and was able to stop. But it was cool to make, a lot of fun for sure. It was just straight reaction."

While at the plate a few innings later, either that localized anti-grav field showed up again or DeSclafani decided to help soothe the fans who felt betrayed by Yasiel Puig giving up bat flips by doing this: 

If you want to flip your bat, Anthony, you gotta wait a few more seconds.

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