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Anthony Rizzo strikes out, gets hit by pitch, does not pass Go, does not collect $200

Here's the thing about getting hit by a pitch: It hurts. Because it wouldn't be practical to deliver balloons and get-well cards directly onto the field, we award hit batsmen first base instead.

Yet, during Sunday's Dodgers-Cubs game, Anthony Rizzo was denied even this small comfort. As the 23-year-old first baseman swung and missed a Chris Withrow slider on an 0-2 count, the ball struck him in the knee. After consulting his colleague at third, the home plate umpire called an inning-ending strikeout.

Anthony Rizzo

But... but... didn't we all see Rizzo get hit? Doesn't he deserve first base, or at least a bouquet of carnations adorably arranged to look like a teddy bear in a sling? Nope -- not the base, anyway. According to MLB's Rule 6.05(f), a batter will be declared out if "he attempts to hit a third strike and the ball touches him."

Bad luck, Rizzo.

Bad Luck Rizzo

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