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Anthony Rizzo weighs in on New York pizza vs. Chicago deep dish, makes all Cubs fans sad

Rizzo loves Beyonce, prefers New York-style pizza

You've seen "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," right? Well, what you're about to watch is just like that except instead of comedians, you get me and the Cubs' All-Star first baseman, Anthony Rizzo, driving around the streets of New York. There's also no coffee, unless you brought your own. Sorry. 

Rizzo was in town to talk about his new campaign with Nivea Men, which produced this video in which a bunch of very trusting strangers let him shave their beards with a straight razor. Watch it! These people are brave. 

Then be prepared to embrace controversy when you find out which city's pizza Rizzo really prefers. Here's a hint:


But note that he isn't too picky, saying, "Any time you can eat, you should." That's a philosophy I can get behind. 

Since a Cubs World Series victory has been foretold by the prophet Marty McFly, we also had to talk about time travel. Rizzo doesn't think he'd take advantage of an era-skipping DeLorean, saying he'd probably just cruise around in the streets in it.

"I'm a fan of what we have here. I like living in the now," he said. "Maybe I'd go back to see Babe Ruth or Ted Williams or Jackie Robinson play, but I wouldn't change anything."

The future, though, is out of the question.

"When I came back everyone would think I was crazy," he told me, accurately noting that time travel is a big mess anyway and I assume, hinting at the fact most time travel stories leave us with some pretty depressing implications.

Of course, he made sure that the most important question was answered:



Watch the video above for more.  

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