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April Fools! Here are 10 times someone fell for the hidden-ball trick

Happy April Fools' Day, everybody! We thought about orchestrating a hoax to convince you that Derek Jeter signed with the Mets, but that just didn't seem nice. Instead, we've rounded up 10 classic instances of one of our favorite MLB pranks: 

The hidden-ball trick.

Obviously, these guys should have been a little more focused on the basepaths, because they were caught sleeping and tagged out. They underestimated the sneakiness.

Todd Helton got Matt Carpenter

Helton hidden

Evan Longoria got Juan Uribe

Young Dodgers fan got Uribe again

Ian Kinsler got Max Stassi

Greg Brock got Ozzie Guillen ... and then Dave Bergman got Guillen again

Mike Lowell got Luis Terrero

The Florida Gators got the College of Charleston Cougars

Hidden Ball Trick

Seahawks QB/Rangers prospect Russell Wilson got NBA superstar Kobe Bryant

Harold Reynolds got Darryl Hamilton ... by asking if he could clean the base. Really: