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Aramis Ramirez makes catch, momentarily forgets how many outs make an inning

After 18 seasons in MLB, it's safe to say that Aramis Ramirez knows how to count. It's why he was able to correct home-plate umpire Sean Barber back in April when Barber tried to ring Ramirez up on a strike-two call


But what if that inability to count was contagious? What if it was the start of a pandemic, and the only reason Ramirez wasn't showing symptoms was that he was still in an incubation period?

Well, On Wednesday night, Ramirez exhibited the first signs that he might have caught whatever miscounting virus Barber had, because the Brewers third baseman secured a popup for the second out of the eighth inning and trotted toward the dugout, only to realize that he was prematurely ending the frame.


Oy. Now we're two months away from one of his teammates or a member of the Mets also losing their ability to count.

The year is 3025. No one in baseball can count past two. The colloquial phrase is now "two strikes and you're out" and all versions of "Casey at the Bat" have been lost, save for an all-emoji translation that's been trimmed to end after the second strike.