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Do you like walks? Good, because the Angels' Double-A affiliate drew 10 walks in a single inning

Angels' Double-A affiliate draws 10 BBs in an inning

Let's recap the bottom of the fifth inning of Friday night's Double-A matchup between the Springfield Cardinals and Arkansas Travelers -- heads up, you might want to take a deep breath:

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Yes, the Travelers walked 10 times in a single frame -- a Texas League record -- in which they scored 14 runs. Four of those runs were walked in. And there was also a HBP. So, of the 20 batters that appeared at the plate in the inning, more than half of them reached base without recording a hit.

Here's Wade Hinkle, who walked twice in the inning, recording the 10th:


The Travelers walked 13 times total in the game, with every batter except first baseman Brian Hernandez drawing at least one (don't feel bad for Hernandez, though -- he went 3-for-6 with a double and five RBIs). Five Travelers walked twice.

Look, I love a good walk as much as the next guy, but gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins. And this was definitely a glut of walks. It's reminiscent of the Blue Jays-Twins game in April of last season, when the Twins drew eight walks in an inning. And hey, it could always be worse: In a Senators-Yankees game from 1949, the Yanks drew 11 walks in the bottom of the third. 

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